Wild Rose Cleanse

What Is a Wild Rose Cleanse?

If you have heard the term Wild Rose Cleanse, and are wondering exactly what it is, and how it can help you, then read on.  In this article, we look at what the Wild Rose Cleanse is, how it is done, and how it benefits you.

What Is It?

The Wild Rose Cleanse is a twelve-day detoxification program, which helps to eliminate built up toxins in your body, as well as balancing out the PH level of your body.  The more acidic your body is, the more likely you are to get ill, including cancer, hypertension, and diabetes.

How Does It Work?

This type of cleanse is based on the idea of eating only alkaline, or PH neutral foods, to bring the body back to an alkaline state. At the same time, you take a special blend of natural herbs, which help to detox your body.

During your cleanse, you will take twelve tablets every day, as well as drops, all of which are designed to help clear the toxins out of your body. The drops are usually taken in juice, as they can taste bad on their own.

When it comes to cost, the Wild Rose Cleanse is one of the best out there – in fact, the pills and drops will cost you less than $30 – much less than some competing systems!

What Can You Eat?

As mentioned, while you are on the Wild Rose Detox, you will need to eat an alkaline diet.

That means you will need to ban all junk food, and most forms of meat.  You can still eat fish however. Shellfish is banned, as are mushrooms, peanuts, grapes and most dairy and sugar are banned, as are tropical fruit, and a few others.  Do not worry though – there are more than enough foods on the allowable list to make preparing meals for the detox easy, and if you are a caffeine junkie, you will be pleased to know that coffee is still allowed too!

Symptoms of Detox

As with most other cleansing and detoxing programs, the Wild Rose Cleanse comes with several side effects.  These are normal, and are a reaction to the detox itself – not to the herbs and supplements you are taking.

Symptoms that you may experience include rashes, headaches, and mild nausea. Remember that they are the results of the detox, and prove that it is working.  They should disappear on their own by about day four or five of the cleanse.

If you do experience very severe symptoms, or if they do not disappear on their own, however, then there is a chance that they are unrelated to your cleanse, and you should seek medical advice and attention.

After The Cleanse

After your cleanse, you should feel healthier, have more energy, and be less prone to diseases and illnesses.  To keep it up, you should consider banning or limiting a few of the more acidic foods in your diet.  You get to start with a clean slate after you finish a Wild Rose Cleanse, so it’s the perfect time to make all those diet and lifestyle changes that you know you should, but that you’ve been putting off.